Prayer, because we can

I had a couple days recently where I got to ride my bike for work again. I used to ride my bike everywhere. I forgot how fun it was, I also forgot how sweaty it was. I’m not sure how your days go, but it’s easier for me to focus when I intersperse mental breaks. The bike is an amazing mental break. It requires focus to pick the route, avoid people and cars and not wreck. It involves just enough exertion to be engage my body and get the blood flowing. When I don’t have a bike, a walk will do; but it’s not quite as good.

I have found this is true in prayer life as well. Sometimes I need to change my approach to prayer and try new practices. Switch from journaling to walking prayer; or from Lectio divinia to the breath prayer.

Connecting directly to God through Jesus is a beautiful reality this side of Pentecost. And yet, it is quiet and often solitary. It takes a degree of focus, patience, and presence that is not always natural and often easy to skip over.

This is just a brief reminder that it’s worth the effort to find your way to prayer.


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