Nouwen is no dummy

Cheryl and dad and I had a great conversation the other day. It went in a couple of directions, but one of them was around that tree from psalm 1 that we read about last Sunday. We talked about how producing fruit is not a labor or work for a tree. It's just the product … Continue reading Nouwen is no dummy


woulda, shoulda, coulda

Here's some of what I could have said more of the other day. I realized after lunch while talking with Brandon and Dustin a little that I could have said more about the story of Scripture being a story of liberation. It's a story about a God, committed to people through their abuse, neglect and … Continue reading woulda, shoulda, coulda


I've found myself quoting a passage from Scripture lately even though I really have no idea where it is. I knew it went something like this, "he who is faithful with a few things will be faithful with much." I've quoted it enough times and the T.V. tonight was bad enough that I decided to … Continue reading hmm…