I've learned that systems take more energy than dreams. But that's OK, some things are worth working for. Last week I ended up in a meeting where a dude who consults with churches to help them clarify and execute a vision was presenting to me and some friends. Sort of off hand he said … Continue reading organic

alternate reality

We're living in a world where Jesus is alive. So much more is possible. In a world where we so often feel limited by money or pain or cruelty, it's hard to remember what's real: for the people of God, Jesus defines reality. The God of the universe is in your corner. He went into … Continue reading alternate reality

A New Year

There's nothing divine about our calendar dates. So, in one sense,  New Year's Day is just another day to be faithful to God. But in another sense, it's a new start. I've been really feeling that this year, that it's an opportunity to start again. That's probably part of the reason I want to share … Continue reading A New Year


The church folks of Jesus day accused him of being a drunkard and a glutton. It's mentioned a lot, but is still worth considering: the "respectable" people came to Jesus only under the cover of night or in extreme crises if at all. It was the working class; the poor and marginalized who were most … Continue reading narratives