the quiet frenzied drone

woke up early this morning. bout a quarter to five. things are still dark and it's a little cool outside. there are still British voices on the radio. I listen to the radio quieter that early, don't know why. The noise slowly turns up as the sun rises. It's easy to be hopeful in the … Continue reading the quiet frenzied drone

a thousand thank yous

I went to the Boys and Girls Club end of summer program last night. One of their alumni spoke about the value the club had on his life. He said, "If I had a thousand thank you's it wouldn't be enough." He was grateful for the tutoring help he'd received, but mostly he was grateful … Continue reading a thousand thank yous


Several weeks ago I heard about this documentary¬†then a few weeks ago I watched¬†this one. They got me thinking about cities. The mass of people all coming together, creating buildings, making food, entertaining one another, building things. Some time ago I heard a pastor say that God loves cities. He said that the story of … Continue reading building