work it.

We talked about Peter this morning. He was sort of the de facto leader of Jesus' inner circle. His story is encouraging for me... a fisherman who will try almost anything, Peter left his job to follow Jesus. There were no obvious guarantees that would pan out, so that was probably a pretty big decision. … Continue reading work it.

what do you say?

Sunday we talked about Jesus giving us the authority to forgive folks of their sins. Not just big holy absolutions, forgiving can be simple: "You know, you don't have to let that define you." "Remember you don't have to feel guilty anymore." "You don't have to keep making that same decision." I've been thinking about … Continue reading what do you say?


You wouldn't believe it, but some folks came into the shop today that were organizing young adult workers workshops. After talking a bit, we found out it was for the young Communists league. We talked for a while longer and the conversation moved toward prejudice, and how people end up naturally with various prejudices. Then … Continue reading marxists