Where You Running?

When you run, make sure you run, to something and not only from. Cause, Lies don’t need and aero plane to chase you anywhere.

-Avett Brothers

What are you running to? Yesterday someone asked me about my 10 year plan. I scoffed (then explained myself).

I try not to micro-manage my future. God is a better planner, provider, protector than me. Also God loves me. So I try to let God be in charge of my future. I don’t spend a lot of time constructing maps to determine where I’ll go with my life. Or determining what I want to have accomplished, earned, experienced 10 years from now, then working my way back into today’s tasks. Still I don’t consider myself aimless.

I feel like I’m mostly mission minded. I engage life with intent, purpose even strategy. Instead of driving toward some distant future that I’ve determined will be better, I work to lean (more and more) into core values that mirror those of my God: I believe God is merciful—how can I be more merciful; I believe God is just — how can I collaborate more fully as an agent of justice; I believe God is loving — how can I be more loving?

In mid-November several folks from our little church are breaking from our routines to spend a couple days together. We’ll think about life and spirituality. I’ve been reading a bit about spiritual growth and practice. Faith is not a one time thing. Neither is it a correct answer to a question. Faith is a dynamic force in our lives that grows and atrophies. Interestingly, faith is not a requirement to live, work, parent, serve. We can, theoretically, get by without faith.

It’s why it’s worth considering what is your driving force these days? What are you running to? Why?


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