Eat Something

As we gathered on Sunday, we looked at the story of a woman Jesus encountered at an old well in Samaria. Many people argue that she's the best evangelist in the life of Jesus. It's a pretty beautiful redemption story to see, in one encounter with Jesus, the woman go from shunned--visiting the well in … Continue reading Eat Something

Kerith Ravine

As we gathered together virtually last week, we considered two stories. The first was about how God miraculously provided for the prophet and a widow. Elijah in the Kerith ravine and the woman baking bread with supplies that didn't run out. Both of those sound pretty nice to me. I'm not sure of the specific … Continue reading Kerith Ravine

No Shame

I've started noticing every little cough and questioning every tinge of a headache. It's a normal time of year for me to have symptoms like that, what with pollen lying around on the ground like sand and no rain for weeks. Still, I'm noticing it a lot more. I'm praying a lot more too. I … Continue reading No Shame

A New Year

There's nothing divine about our calendar dates. So, in one sense,  New Year's Day is just another day to be faithful to God. But in another sense, it's a new start. I've been really feeling that this year, that it's an opportunity to start again. That's probably part of the reason I want to share … Continue reading A New Year