saturday in the park

Saturday Wesley and I walked around a little "urban wetland" (It was part of our guy's weekend). I mentioned at the last Gathering how, even though I could see the place was perfect for playing with sticks and sneaking up on ducks and throwing random things into the water, part of me just wanted to … Continue reading saturday in the park

life is happening people

I've known, but lately have really been feeling...there is a lot of life happening all around, all the time. Do you have times, like me, when you feel it more than others? Everybody's life happening all around? Friends going through things for which there are not simple answers, challenges coming where it's hard to know the … Continue reading life is happening people


Lately, I've found myself talking lots about action. See, true belief is betrayed by action. Show me your actions and I'll tell you what you believe. But I realized this afternoon there's a parallel message running in my brain that's just as helpful, "do what you can. Neither God, nor the people around you, need … Continue reading Lately