do right or be right?

Somehow last week I ended up reading this. It's had me remembering what a stud I think that guy was. I did my first report on him in 5th grade. Mostly it's his speeches, passion, and amazing leadership ability that I'm impressed by. It had me thinking today about this. Because he quoted it here. … Continue reading do right or be right?

Movin on up

One of my favorite things about realizing theStory that runs through the scripture is beginning to understand how I could fit in. Earlier this week Jerry and Dana and I had a conversation about heaven.  There hasn't really been mention of it yet in the story, but it's kind of been the implicit driver. Remember … Continue reading Movin on up

cliff clavin

I've started trying to go to the gym Sunday afternoons. The kids are napping, Megan is grading papers, It's perfect. This Sunday, as I walked in Ira Glass was talking in my ears about the theme for the show I'd picked. The first story was about a "mail carrier." It made me think of Stephan's … Continue reading cliff clavin