are you creative?

Megan and I are spending this week without the kids at the beach. Should be nice. But I'm still reading and meditating so I'll keep you updated (let me know if you want off the list). Yesterday morning we were planning out the first several Gatherings and got into an abbreviated discussion. Here was the … Continue reading are you creative?

your choices

I already am the person I want to be. this is true because my identity is not created by the choices I make, but given to me by God. in fact, it's that God given identity that produces my desire to be something more I asked myself this morning, "how do I know that is … Continue reading your choices


So. I had a conversation with a friend this morning (actually two). That's not unusual for me. I have conversations with friends all the time. This one though, hit on a point that feels good to talk about: identity. In the conversation we reminded one another: our identity comes from God. It is given to … Continue reading identity


I treated myself this morning: two donuts from a local fresh donut shop down the road. While I enjoyed my way-to-sweet breakfast (I say that cause I feel like I'm supposed to, in reality I love donuts and these two were exceptional. I'll be going back) I read an article about author Jonathon Franzen in … Continue reading Time

the teacher?

The Hebrew title for Ecclesiastes is most nearly translated: teacher. I think that's part of why this is book is so appealing to me. The text is Ancient. It has survived on animal skins in deserts, been bound in gooks that were buried and forgotten. It has come through abandonment, and book burnings, through translations … Continue reading the teacher?