Jokes & a little adventure

I got to ride my bike today.
It was hot, very sweaty and I probably smell a little.
I love it.

For about 4years I rode my bike everywhere. I didn’t use a car for work. There were definite down sides. The aforementioned smell & sweat chief among them. But also, there is more adventure in the day. Riding through traffic and around potholes and across streets adds a little adventure to my life.

It sounds silly, but feeling like a kid for part of the day, makes it more fun.

I heard someone describe Jesus appearing to the dudes on the road to Gethsemane once as him messing with them. Remember the story? Jesus has been crucified and buried. They’re leaving Jerusalem after Passover bummed, because the dude they loved and we’re starting to bet on, didn’t pan out. Jesus, disguised as a regular guy appears next to them and walks with them for a while. Just as they recognize who he is, he vanishes. Of course, the rush back to Jerusalem and join in the post-resurrection pandemonium.

I like the idea that Jesus has room for a good time. Likes a little adventure, even is down for jokes now and then.

Jesus is a good model for me.


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