a nice day.

a prayer for a sunny wednesday afternoon. Lord. It is amazing to think of the care you take with me. The world you made, the sun that shines, the breeze that blows, the friends who support, the story that inspires, and your Spirit that empowers. All of it given. Just given away. Today I can … Continue reading a nice day.


Today I am aware of the ways and times I move in the wrong direction. Usually they feel small, passing things that I'd hoped to avoid. But last week as we began to prepare for Easter by mourning our daily rejection of it, a word came to mind: severe. My brokenness is severe. ┬áThe things … Continue reading severe


I know it's sort of a controversial practice and can be polarizing. People seem to have strong opinions and some folks think is rude and inconsiderate. I've even see it cause fights. But I can't help it...I've got to say it... I'm learning to enjoy group texting. It's become a convenient way to have funny … Continue reading tribe