Drunkard and Glutton

There’s a little line in the Gospels that says some folks called Jesus a drunkard and a glutton. I don’t think he was, but the accusation held enough credibility that it get’s a mention. His first miracle was making lots of wine for folks who’d been drinking for days, and we have stories of him at parties.

Some church leaders asked Jesus why he and his crew didn’t fast like the other rabbi’s. Jesus said, because the bridegroom is here right now. We’re celebrating.

The other day I heard someone say, somewhat facetiously, “I’m just trying to get to the grave with as little frustration as possible.”

It’s funny, because It can be true.

We all get caught in that trap. Maybe it’s a lack of energy, or problems with people or projects in the past. Maybe is stressors of bills or complexities with families or emotional health. But, it seems easy to get caught in routines that merely minimize frustration, instead of enhancing living.

Jesus has the most important task in human history on his shoulders, and he’s moving through life with robust circles of friends. Friends that take time, that frustrate and disappoint. Who also seem to bring joy and comfort. He seems to interact at times with an air of celebration. He’s experiencing joy and deep sadness. He’s taking risks and rests.

None of us had a choice in our birth. But we do get choices in how we live. Those of us who make choices to follow Jesus won’t necessarily have the fewest frustrations, or the path of least resistance. But we will experience life well, for all it has to offer. I’m praying for that.


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