Groceries and Possibility

I’m not sure exactly what it says about me, but I really like grocery shopping. I like shopping on the weekend for the whole week, I like going to pick things up to make dinner, I like just going to grab one or two things. I like grocery stores. I like listening to music/podcasts/ballgame on earbuds sometimes. Sometimes I like just listening to the special brand of music they play in grocery stores. I like the satisfaction of bringing just the right number of reusable bags or getting my favorite bag filled all the way up. I like the nicer grocery stores and grungier ones, they all have their charms.

I’m going to the store today, just have a couple things to grab.

It’s not 100% clear to me why I like grocery stores, but one reason I’m currently running with is: it feels like so much potential/possibility. With what’s in here, I could make anything.

This past Sunday we spoke about the way Paul, when faced with an open ended departure from the Ephesians, committed them to God. He didn’t recap a list of rules, or give them tips on building business and living self-reliant, he didn’t prophesy the future. He’s just said I leave you to God whose Word is able to build you up.

I was talking to a friend today about how much Jesus had going on when he was here; Son, brother, friend, rabbi, healer, savior. Lots of potential stressors in there. I think what made him effective was not calendar management, or task prioritization, or special stillness practice. I think Jesus, more than anyone else understood/accepted/practiced dependence on God.

God is all possibility and potential. With God, anything is possible.


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