I can remember a couple times where I made a concious decision to give up trying to micro manage my future. In each case, it involved setting aside my notion of the ideal. What I thought was the ideal version of me, the ideal rhythm of life, the ideal way of making money, the ideal place to live. Also in each case what replaced the ideal was a small step in the direction of what looked like faithfulness to Jesus’ way of life: perhaps a way of service or stewardship or submission to God’s authority.

I can remember distinct conversations in prayer where I turned over dreams about my future (Lord I will not try to build a map specifically to this destination, if you want to give it to me…great. But I’m not going to spend my years and resources manufacturing it, instead I will choose faithfulness today…come what may), or conceptions of who I would be (I’ll move forward amidst the fear that if I take that project on, I’ll have to become something I’m not. I’ll follow your leading, rather than my fear).

Faith can be a very pragmatic thing.


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