Our family dog will turn one year old this summer.
He’s a standard schnauzer, about 40lbs and pretty smart.
He’s figured out how to open the back door and even operate one of the locks.
Mostly he’s a very fun addition to the house.

Currently, what’s really entertaining us about him is how vigilantly he will chase squirrels in the back yard. Instinctually he understand it’s his personal responsibility to rid his vicinity of the pesky creatures. Spotting them running along the fence or up in the trees (heaven forbid along the grass) he’ll silently bound across the yard until they scurry off. If that’s his goal, he’s efficient. We didn’t teach him to do that. He just does it. With determination and a fair amount of skill.

I wish I had such strong instincts toward my purpose.

Created by the God to bear his image to all creation…my instinct is often to work very hard at projecting my own image wherever I go. Operating outside of my created purpose so much can tie me up in knots.

I think this is part of the reason Jesus utters that famous phrase: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs in the reign of God. When embrace our poverty with respect to things of our spirit; that our essential selves are often misaligned and we don’t have the capacity to realign it ourselves, this is when God can give us what we need.

I’m praying God realigns my instincts today.


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