Sometimes you gotta just go somewhere.
Life is not ever really a straight line. We are often pushed around by different necessities or abilities or needs. We make one choice because we must, we deal with another inconvenience because we can, we tackle particular problems when we’re the best positioned or equipped to do so. It can often feel like life is mostly about responding.

I remember that my sister used to have a phrase on her mirror in high-school that was something about life being 90% how we respond. I don’t know if that’s true (our how we’d even know if it was), but it sounds believable.

And yet, there are some moments where we can chose to just go. When Jesus heard about Lazarus being sick, he didn’t go right away. By the time he was ready to call on Lazarus the disciples told him not to bother. Lazarus was already dead and it was too close to Jerusalem. It was a lost cause, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. People were looking to kill him, he’d be putting himself in danger. Jesus went anyway.

I like the conviction in that story.

I’d like conviction like that: to go in spite of danger/ridicule/weakness. At times in my life I’ve known that I need to go down a road even though I don’t know how things will end.

I have some theories on how we find those types of roads and uncover that type of conviction. But it’s too long a conversation for an email. Hit me up for a coffee and we can talk through it.

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