joy to come

Sunday we talked about how crazy it seems that there is some kind of joy out there powerful enough to propel Jesus through trial, torture, crucifixion and death. There must be…”but for the joy set before him did he endure the cross, scorning its shame.” I think that joy must align with the inheritance that Peter talks about being the hope of christians enduring persecution.

I like the notion that hope of the life to come, sustains Jesus and 1st century Christians.

It makes me think it might be able to sustain me.

Sunday we also mentioned that many of us can be tempted to down play our struggles. We’re not being persecuted like followers of Jesus living under Nero. And yet, when we dismiss hardship we find ourselves in all sorts of diversions because the reality is that relationships are hard, work is confounding, emotions are bewildering and tragedy happens. If we want to pretend we don’t struggle, we will need to distract our thinking from places of pain and confusion. I am learning, that life goes better when I live in reality. To live fully I’ll need allow myself to experience the pain, confusion or struggle in order to also experience the joy. This is doable when I know…my inheritance is secure “imperishable, undefiled and unfading.”

This week I’m reminding myself that I can endure hard things. My future does not rest in perfection, neither does pain now discredit the joy to come.

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