Junk yards & Canopies

It’s a muggy tropical storm kinda week.
Two days ago I went to a restaurant equipment junk yard and sweat my face off. I have been going there for almost a decade. I love it. I love the potential in it. I love wandering around huge warehouses and paved lots full of old stuff thinking that around some corner or in a storage container may be an amazing deal! I love dealing with folks who are not the type of person I’d normally come across. I enjoy trying to calculate if the savings is worth the risk of the equipment not working.

This week I have a couple friends dealing with serious diseases, some chronic and some terminal. It’s kind of the worst. But it has set me off thinking…

I want to be a person who approaches life like it’s an adventure. I want to be open to new things around the corner. I want to go on missions to find things. I want to collaborate with all types of folks. I want to calculate risk, and take chances.

I get the feeling that Jesus had all kinds of folks in his following. It’s part of the reason the respectable church folk had such trouble with him. Calling him a drunkard and a glutton at one point. But that dude was on a mission. He knew why he was here. I like my life better when I know the mission.

Lately my mission is best understood as standing up canopies of the reign of God.
I’ll tell you more about it, but that will take a conversation.


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