world domination.

  I had an interesting conversation earlier this week where I found myself explaining how sometimes I feel like church culture in America has reduced evangelism to spiritual recruitment. In some situations theĀ goal of the church becomesĀ getting more followers of Jesus, by way of getting more people into their programs. All the effort of Church … Continue reading world domination.


open doors.

I once had a professor tell me that the most powerful point in the story of Christianity is the empty tomb. I understand what he meant. There is so much possibility there. The road away from that stone can go almost anywhere. Christ, walking around in the world with a glorified body means we're no … Continue reading open doors.

Some time ago I settled, with conviction, on the notion that life is better with Jesus than without him. I suppose that's implied in most of our approaches to Christianity, but pulling that truth out of the shadows of implicit motivation and into the light of explicit assertion made all the difference for me. It's … Continue reading