Recharge & Connect

The other day I was in kind of a grumpy mood. It came on sort of unexpected and a little unexplained. Megan noticed, I’d been forded to miss a run I usually take. She encouraged me to hit the street, even thought it was later than normal. It was good advice.

When you read the Gospels Jesus is often sneaking off on his own to pray, or just be by himself. Jesus is God incarnate and he needs a recharge strategy. I’m guessing you and I will also.

Yesterday I got in to a conversation about how unsatisfying most entertainment is for people. Binging on shows doesn’t often deliver clarity or level off emotions or open up energy. It just fills tie.

Jesus taught us how to pray…and prayed himself. I imagine that too, will be a thing we need. I don’t have deep wisdom today, just the thought that life will require us to recharge and connect with the God.


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