A weird Interuption

It can be hard to get yourself to care about eternal realities, things beyond the day to day.

Each day, spouse, car, house, child, friend has so many little things that are so pressing. There is immediate gratification and frustration, relief and hardship in all of it.

Good Friday is such an weird interruption.

It must have been that way for Jesus’ friends too. Such a weird interruption.

They didn’t realize, as they moved from the triumphal entry through passover and into the Garden of Gethsemene, all that was going on. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. Divine realities and pharisaical scheming were happening while they went about their day to day. It all came crashing into their life in the Garden.

Maybe that’s the best case scenario for Good Friday: a disruption to the way life cruises along day to day, challenge to challenge, joy to joy.

Whether life is going well or poorly for you, the Christ was killed. Power, fear, apathy, rage, greed, sacrifice, pain, isolation, loneliness were all swirling together that night culminating in the death of the Savior. A disruption that means that your day to day is not the last word.

Good Friday reframes every life. It’s a hard thing to conceptualize, but the brutal reality of the cross means there is more for humanity than this world.

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