Me and Walter Mitty

If I could fly, I wonder how much my life would change.

At first, my thought is, I’d be going all over the place, just for fun. leaving the morning and heading to remote spots. Me and Walter Mitty out in the world. But then, I start to think…probably not really. Or at least not for long.

There are still responsibilities and people I want to be present for: kids to drop off and pick up, meals to cook, colleagues to share space with. Plus, it would still take time right? I mean I”m not transporting to places. I think, in short order, life for the flying version of me would look much like life for current me does.

There is one time where Jesus has finished a meal with a crew of his friends. They’re all sitting around listening to him teach and one lady is cleaning everything up. She must have been annoyed because she asked Jesus to tell her sister to help her. Jesus is basically like, “chill out and appreciate what is right here in front of you.” There’s another time when the disciples can’t believe the extravagant way that one women has offered worship to Jesus. They mutter “shouldn’t we have given the money to the poor instead?” Jesus tells them, “you’ll always have the poor with you. appreciate that right now you have me.”

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what a gift the present days are. Everything we have we need. It’s good to ask God for our daily bread, and for his kingdom to come for fully. For me lately it’s also been very helpful to recognize that God has already given lots of good things. So good in fact, that even being able to fly wouldn’t change it that much.


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