Patient and Persistent

Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. We’ve been talking through the major stories of Genesis during our Sunday gatherings this month. On Sunday we’ll consider Jacob, it’ll be our last week in Genesis. It’s interesting that the God of creation and life would associate so closely with three dudes. Our God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In a world where folk were distinguished by their family line, God gives us God’s own.

It holds still today. We know more about God because ours is not just any old god; ours is the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. However, this week, I realized how much more information we get about their wives then I remembered: Sarah, Rebekah and Rachel. There are almost as many stories involving these three ladies as there are the dudes. The women were important and sometimes they are the primary actors in the stories. God often works inside of cultural norms, but his character is not bound by them. The culture of the Ancient Near East may have subjugated women, but it doesn’t seem as though God does.

Noticing the challenges of the cultural context of the scriptures, kind of makes me wonder about our cultural blind spots. It’s nice to know that God is patient and persistent with us.


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