Work that’s worth it

If I had to fly regularly for work, I think I’d get really expensive headphones. I’d probably get tired of listening to things, but I’d love the extra quiet. Being so close to people so much, I think I’d like the control over what I have to listen to. Plus the extra quiet of good headphones can be really comforting.

I realized today, not for the first time but definitely with fresh appreciation, that the natural patterns of my day has me bumping in to lots of friends. I don’t really have work collegues as much as I have friends to collaborate, confabulate, or commiserate with. Pretty sure that’s something I’ve worked pretty hard for, but nonetheless I’m really grateful for it. I tend to recharge in quiet places, by myself. But natural connection to people gives me life. I think it’s true for most humans. We’re creations made for connection, collaborations and confabulation.

Jesus weeps at the death of his friend, raises him from the dead, then had dinner with him.

Friends take work. But it’s work that’s worth it.

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