Deep Past

The last couple weeks as we’ve gathered on Sundays we’ve touched on the uniqueness of the ancient Torah texts. Stories that have been preserved for so long, through so much. Through all scientific theories, philosophical movements, technological advances, political evolutions and upheavals, relational complexities, theological debates and failure after failure after failure (of all kinds) the texts still stand. There is Spirit in them.

One of the things the Spirit in the text does for me is connect me to the past. The people in the past, but also the deep past. Moses wasn’t at creation, but the story comes down to him through Spirit. The text says we are caught up in a created world with clear beginning and intent. There is a hope in that claim that is powerful. That hope, drives me into creation to find echoes of the beginning, or the intent of the creator. To experience what was given in the beginning.

Here’s hoping you find some time to get out into creation this weekend!


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