Wind and Waves

This week, as we watched another big storm blow through, I thought of that story of Jesus commanding the wind and the waves to chill out. His disciples seem to have been stunned by that, and I can see why. Commanding the intimidating wind and waves to subside, and having them respond would be alarming. Though I’m tempted to say it would be easier to believe if I was there, I know it’s easy to talk myself out of things. I have trouble believing there was a day my children couldn’t talk or a day I could read Hebrew. Though both of those were undeniable at one point in time.

I love the idea of Jesus commanding the weather. Or commanding the death to leave Lazarus, or deaf ears to open and blind eyes to see or lame people to walk. It’s hard to believe, but I love the idea of it.

There’s one story, where Jesus forgives the sins of a lame man who’d been brought to him by some friends. Onlookers scoffed at Jesus’ pride in claiming he was able to forgive. In order to demonstrate that he has the power to forgive, he then commands the lame mane to walk. Which he does. Jesus said the former work is harder than the latter.

We can’t see what it looks like to have the weight of sin removed by divine forgiveness or the toll taken by years of regret assuaged or the cleft in identities caused by years of abuse repaired. But like the lame man we have felt the release, the hope and the healing of divine forgiveness. The reality of that forgiveness is a clue to me that Jesus is real, and in charge. He determines my future, not the wind and the waves.

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