Mountains and Glory

The other day, through a pretty random circumstance, I found myself reminiscing on the loss of my Grandad. He was a flawed guy like the rest of us, but I really loved him. He was a good influence in my life. I could share several stories about his humor and path through life, his cars, his happy hour rituals or his family pride. But what I’ve been thinking about is a word of encouragement I got from a friend when he found out Grandpa had died. My friend reminded me of that great little treatise from CS Lewis, The Great Divorce.

In that book Lewis, as he seems so uniquely good at, paints an equally plausible and imaginative picture of life after death. Part of the picture describes people moving toward this mountainous city with the light of the king on the throne at its center (I’m no Lewis, you ought to check out the book). People, who are interested (not hindered by lack of humility or grudges) can sojourn up into the mountain and toward the city. As they do, they become more substantial, significant, settled, confident, glorious. My friend, who knew my Grandad and enjoyed his company too, simply said, ”onward and deeper into the mountains may he go.” I’ve been thinking about that journey a lot lately.

Death happens to all of us, we ought to live with that. Also, it’s good to live with the confidence that death is not the end for us. Paul said that we’ll continue to change from glory to glory. We start becoming now, we’ll continue becoming then.

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