Today I remembered a line from a Bible Study Megan and I participated in almost twenty years ago: ”every financial decision is a spiritual one.” This line came in the context of considering how Jesus mentions money more than any other topic. I don’t think Jesus talks so much about money because he wants to give us tips on how to make our money work for us, or to conserve it or to spend it or to earn it.

I think Jesus talks about money because he understands it as subversively sucking in all our faith. It’s very easy to have faith in money. It can protect us or provide for us, money can make us happy and help us make friends, money can bestow power and heal us, it can change living situation, the cars we drive the close we where the places we visit, the pictures we share, money can make us right…it can absolve us. Money is serious stuff. Quietly, subtly it can slide into all the places of faith. I think that’s why Jesus talks about it so much. Jesus would like to be the sole place of faith for us.

Of course we can’t really avoid money. In fact money is not the problem. It’s the love of money that gets us…our faith in it.

Of course, this is not news to you. Just think of this as a friendly reminder to audit how you’re using money and what you’re hoping to get from it. Money is not a good god. Especially when you have Jesus as an option.

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