No Credit Due

Here’s a song I can’t stop listening to.

I like almost all of the lyrics, but a couple spots that stick out to me are, “I don’t need to convince the world that I’m not crazy” and ”I don’t need to pay the credit due, nah there is none.”

The longer I live, the more settled I am with the goal of becoming fully myself. A beautiful reality of the way of Jesus is that it makes it possible for me to live more myself. Less controlled by fears, regrets, compulsions. But also, a vision for who I can be that doesn’t originate from within myself. I’m not resigned to relentless self-determination, as though justice-mercy-morality-love were defined by what occurs (or even always makes sense) to me.

I don’t have to live up to other people’s expectations, or pay back some storehouse of guilt. Life is about having the courage, space and will to be myself. But the self that the God of Creation & Life; Abraham, Isaac & Jacob; Christ & the Church has recreated me to be.

The more I find my way into that self, the more I like it.


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