Good News

There’s a conversation that I must have had years ago that sticks in my memory. I can’t remember the context or even who I was talking with, just the words they said in response. I was saying something like, ”I would be way less stressed out if I just knew how things were going to turn out.” They said…”of course you would. that’s why they call it faith.”

As I sat with the story of the resurrection this year, that was one point that stuck out with me. How nearly everyone around Jesus in those last days was not willing to move into a future that was open ended, or outside of their control. The church leaders wanted to control the way Rome did or didn’t crackdown on them. They wanted to control the activity of the Temple and the worship of the people. When Jesus went in a direction the disciples didn’t understand or expect, rather than move with him into unknown, they just left.

Jesus, on the other hand, just follows the lead of the divine peacefully into the unknown of death.

Out of situations rife with false testimony, apathy, murderous jealousy and greed resulting in the death of Jesus, God successfully implants his reign on earth. Jesus death, resurrection and ascension change the potential within humanity to let God be God forever. We now have the capacity of deep and abiding faith.

This is part of the reason that the story of the resurrection becomes such and anthem or emblem for the church. It is the pinnacle of faith. Jesus trusts the God even in death. His faith opens the way for each human to faith thereby securing the pathway to the God for everyone.

I’m just saying Easter is good news folks.


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