Small and Large

I don’t remember exactly why, but I loved Hamlet when we read it in high school. Something in the way that my teacher walked us through the story, got me thinking deeply about a text. Maybe for the first time. I loved it. It changed the way I thought about study and school. It affected the trajectory college; from engineering/architecture to philosophy/religion.

As a high school senior I never could have predicted that outcome when Mr. Gufford told us that’s what we’d be studying. Yet, I trusted him and engaged the content fully. I could have said Shakespeare sounds boring, I’m going to check out for this one and figure out a different way to pass (ask me how I handled vocabulary tests that year). There are some choices we make that have significant downstream effect…it can be very hard to predict what those will be.

Judas in Gethsemene, Peter in the courtyard, the women at the tomb, Thomas in the upper room: all made choices with downstream effects in significant moments. Still, how many more decisions did they make that brought them there. Me and you make lots of decisions, every day. Large and small. None are insignificant and each is an opportunity for faith. You never know where they will lead.


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