Baseball and Memory

I played baseball nearly year round for like 13years.
Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. From t-ball into my high-school. Until they cut me from the team. I love it.

I played enough that I can close my eyes and feel what it’s like to swing a bat, or field a ball. I worked hard for those years to program the right muscle memory into my body so I could do the things without even thinking about it. They still have that memory, more than 20 years later…it’s still there.

I read a note this morning that some people figure that Jesus had a home in Capernaum. They figure he must have had a house because it says that he hosted dinners with questionable folk. If he hosted, he must have had a place. Jesus regularly hung out with ”drunkards and gluttons.” Many of his disciples, and all of his closest friends came from sort of blue collar jobs. When he’s killed it’s between two criminals.

Jesus never really explains why he hangs out with so many of the marginalized and poor folk. But he definitely does. Seems almost like muscle memory for him. He’s not hanging with Herod, or Pilate or Caiphas. He’s getting Matthew to leave his tax collector’s booth and rich young rulers to give away their money. You don’t have to be poor to hang with Jesus, but he definitely seems to spend more time with poor folk than anyone else. I wonder why?

I don’t suppose money is bad. But it has been occurring to me lately how much attention money can take from us. Earning it, keeping it, stewarding it, saving it, spending it. It gets to be like muscle memory building our lives around the stuff without even thinking about it.

I wonder what you feel like you’re building your life around? What sort of muscle memory have you built up?

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