y’all things are nuts

Some thoughts from January 8th 2021

y’all don’t need me to tell you things are nuts right now. Even those of us most averse to national news must have heard about the storming of the Capital building and Covid cases continuing to rise to record highs. 

Things are serious. 

the country needs you. In whatever sphere you are in (I’m biased to real life spheres more than social media ones, but go where you’re led) be decent and invite others to join you in your decency. seek to understand and to love generously. rage at what’s out of your control often turns inward to despair and lethargy; nobody wants that. 

I like that Jesus turned over the tables of the money lenders inside the temple. I like that he fed hungry and healed blind folk. these were injustices and unfortunate pain that came into his life, about which he was able to make change. 

periodically I try to honestly ask myself, what has come into my life? how am I supporting change away from injustice and unfortunate pain? 

this week as I heard public statements from all sorts of national leaders I was struck by how consistently underwhelmed I was. it occurs to me that I’m so glad to serve a king who so beautifully leads; laying down his life and recreating the world, me along with it. 

Whatever happens to America, Jesus of Nazareth is still King. 
Come Lord Jesus. 

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