crazy times and prognostications

Crazy times and unpredictable futures.

Though, I suppose, the future has always been unpredictable to us.
It probably seems more shrouded than normal,
but truth says, the future is always the purview of the God.
Times like these we can feel challenged by just how few answers we have.
Yet ignorance about the future can give way to faith in the God whose character we know.
Last week I mentioned the difference between preparation and worry.
People of faith prepare prepare prepare in fact we’re uniquely positioned to prepare.
Still, I think there is a unique ability among people of faith to remain in the present.
We prepare for the unknown future the best we can.
Yet, we are comfortable that God determines future realities.
We refuse to be consumed by fear of what may happen.
As much as possible, find time in your day to set aside prognostications
Be present with the people around you,
even with God.
Find ways to serve, in love. Look for places to create.
Continue living.
This Sunday, wisdom says not to gather in person.
So we’ll gather virtually At 10:10a we’ll live stream from Instagram and Facebook.
I’m looking forward to sharing the Gospel together in that time and hope you’ll find a way be there.

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