I’ve learned that systems take more energy than dreams.
But that’s OK, some things are worth working for.

Last week I ended up in a meeting where a dude who consults with churches to help them clarify and execute a vision was presenting to me and some friends. Sort of off hand he said this, “Organic approaches to church ought to be always evolving.”

My mind immediately flashed to setting up for the first gathering of The Cross Orlando, then through the many iterations of our Sunday gatherings, approaches to working and playing together and our buildings. Yesterday, when we shared that Moose would be stepping back from leadership at the end of the month, he mentioned the power of a church who lets you be yourself. This felt like the highest praise (admittedly, when the person is as humble, honest and encouraging as Moose it’s easy to let them be themselves).

I hope The Cross Orlando is always evolving and responding to the folks who God sends into our midst; finding ways to serve one another and orient ourselves toward the truth of the Gospel. I hope we’re calling the best out of each other. That we, like the writer of Hebrews encouraged: never give up the pattern of meeting together to encourage each other until the day of Christ’s return. 

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