This past weekend, I took our Number2 kid to the movies, there was a scene with the main girl growing up. The reality of the perpetual motion of life hit me. Life moves. Things go well and things go poorly, but either way they go. Forward. Today becomes yesterday, and yesterday fades. People get older, and so do I. It’s not earth shattering, but it hit me again this weekend. I think that’s startling every once in a while because time feels limited. Like stories are running past me and I can’t hold on to them.

That’s what makes Jesus in the desert so hopeful. He looked squarely at the opportunity to trade the promise of long term fulfillment for immediate satisfaction, and didn’t. He was not afraid that he’d run out of time; that this world was all he had; that the realities of earth limited the potential of his future. Presented with the option to trade eternity for now, he turned it down. I wonder what I’d do. It’s to hard to trust that the God has food for me, I’ll take it my way. It’s too hard to trust the God has provision for me, I’ll scheme for it. It’s too hard to trust he knows and loves me, I’ll do anything to feel like people love me.

Jesus knew. He believed and made the choice. There is a pay off in that story for faith in Jesus. His choice, empowers ours. In my life so far I’ve seen God come through; I’ve discovered his wisdom as deeper than mine. Somehow Jesus’ ability to believe is mystically connected to mine. I know connection with God because Jesus did, I experience faith because he did. I can believe that the time I’m given is not limited to this world and make choices consistent with that belief, because he did.

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