The church folks of Jesus day accused him of being a drunkard and a glutton. It’s mentioned a lot, but is still worth considering: the “respectable” people came to Jesus only under the cover of night or in extreme crises if at all. It was the working class; the poor and marginalized who were most comfortable around Jesus. He made everybody else uncomfortable.

When you picture Jesus’ people today, where are they? Where do they live, work, spend time? Where does his movement break out these days?

I was reminded in conversation with a friend the other day that I want the way of Jesus to be the defining narrative of my life. More than my natural political leanings, or theological upbringing, or even the narrative of my childhood. These mindsets can blind us to Jesus in our midst, they did for folks in his day. I want the reality of his resurrection and authority to be the driving truth for who I am in the world: my opinions and actions.

I’m working to give myself some space this week to consider where Jesus would be found these days so that I can begin to imagine how I might be found there as well.

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