build it.


where would you go if you could?
I’m talking about anywhere in the world or outside of it.
what would you do?
who would you bring with you?
how long would you stay?
would you ever come back?

Lot’s of people smarter than me have made mention of the fact that Scripture starts with humanity in a garden and finishes with humanity in a city. I like that.

I can think of lot’s of places I’d like to go with the people I love: high snowy mountains, secluded ravines, beautiful beaches or ancient churches. But as I walk through those questions, I always see myself coming back.

There are friends and acquaintances here that wouldn’t make my travel list, but I’d still miss. I like the idea that I’m working with people all over Orlando to build something. On the kickball fields of the Jackson Center to the upstairs offices of the East End Market, from the West lake community meetings to the tech association meet ups to the office spaces above Park Avenue friends are doing their part. Cities are not living really, but sort of. They grow and mature, they develop personality and character. Cities have major arteries with hearts that distribute power and people and culture as lifeblood. They are the creation of people: designed and built, welded and paved, planted and uprooted, planned and governed, raised and released. It takes all sorts of people to make a great city, but they are the product of people. Through and through. I like that.

In a tribute to the Great Creator, we create.

Orlando is a great city for many reasons, but one is: there’s room for you. Don’t let fear of insignificance, or apathy for the future, or a myopic focus on it’s shortcomings keep you from the thrill of joining the collaborative effort. Contribute. The Cross is a good place to start. Many of us are already entrenched. We’ve built the alliances and are hard at work. Creation is best done with friends.

One thought on “build it.

  1. Oh Ben…. Your posts are so inspiring! Thank you for writing and sharing. Miss you, Jules


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