Jesus’ compilation


In his most famous compilation of messages, Jesus tells his hearers that they are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. They are what gives the world flavor and reveals the reality of things. Part of what inspired me toward a life of service to the church is the realization that she is the tribe of people who, in every generation and every nation, empowered by the dynamic Spirit of God make the world better. Having been brought to life they flavor the world around them.

The Cross Orlando is a continuation of that tradition. In our ranks are the people doing the things that make the City better. We’re raising kids with heart and passion, we’re starting companies we believe in, we’re inspiring others to do the things they love, we’re creating space for friendships and celebrating beauty.

In one day last week one of our own hosted a Yelp Orlando Made workshop, another celebrated one year running a business of dinner parties, another shared the story of their art on the Tedx stage.

The best way to the life you were made for is to live it around people being brought to life by the Spirit of God. Here’s hoping you can find your way there.


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