reality check

There’s a story kinda buried in the old testament about a dude running for days from one mountain to another. He stops in a valley and birds carry food to him.

There’s another story of a young guy standing up to a king and being thrown into a pit with lions…and living to tell about it.

One guy leads armies in battle that they win despite being vastly outnumbered. One woman romances a king and uses power to protect her people.

In the New Testament, several of Jesus’ closets friends are sent out to announce the kingdom of God in villages all over and instructed to take nothing along the way. Spiritual enemies react violently to the presence of Jesus and are thrown out with authority. Jesus walks on water and calms violent storms.

The first major missionary of the church survived shipwrecks, snake bites and being run out of town. On more than one occasion the brave generations of the followers of Jesus stare down death without flinching.

We come from a lineage of adventure and courage. At stake in our living is more than nice cars, comfortable jobs and this seasons clothes. The sound of reality will be heard from our voices and echo in our actions…or not at all. You carry in your heart deep truth to liberate and absolve. Most of the time, the level of adventure and courage in my days directly corresponds to the level of my willingness to believe.

Today I believe.
It’s way more fun that not.



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