monday thinking.

here are a series of thoughts that were running through my head today:

beloved of the Lord: those who are loved by the Lord. We are the ones God loves, it’s a powerful enough truth, that it could shake your otherwise faulty or flawed identity. That truth could swallow up all others. I am the one whom the Lord loves.

photo (62)

I believe help thou my unbelief: it’s hard to believe. I’m not exaggerating when I say the story shatters my earth. It is earth shattering. Everything changes. I want to believe it all the way all the time. Where do I take my actions that betray the cracks in my confidence or my plain lack of faith? To whom shall we go…

some worshiped and some doubted: even after everything they’d seen. Even with the man standing in front of them. Some worshiped and some doubted. And yet he spoke to them all. With those words I see a Lord who loves whole people, He loves all of them, not just parts. And it gives me hope.

lord to whom shall we go? you have the words of eternal life: and so I come. without regard to where I’ve come from and will all hope in the place I am going. I’ve lost any hope that I can put it all together, or make any of it happen. I’ve learned the only place to safely deposit hope is in the one I am going to. Because I am going to the one who holds life and he gives it away. I know he does. He’s given it to me before. Every time I come, there he is.

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