everything in place.

made some memories this weekend.
I’ve been kind of reliving them these last couple days.
Thanking God for bringing me to this place in life.

photo (50)

In college a good and wise friend told me that God does not have my life prescribed already, neither is there always a right and wrong to life’s big decisions. Often the answer to the options life presents is simply, “which one would you like?” God’s goal for me, he said, is to thrive in the life that’s been given. As I learn to walk with God, I am learning how right that friend was. Recalling this weekend I realize how much I enjoy the people around me, the opportunities in front of me, the ways I’m allowed to serve, the various celebrations I’m a part of. It makes me think that God is generous and kind. That as life has presented options to me, I continue picking the one’s that sound best…and here I am: spending saturday nights with great homebrew and musicians and sunday mornings by a lake celebrating the resurrection with good friends.

Yesterday was a little tough for me. One of those days that took all of your energy. Just like everyone else, my life has presented questions to me that I’m not happy with. This weekend we mentioned that trusting God leads to life…no matter what it looks like to us. I know that followers of Jesus will be acquainted with suffering. I also know we will find joy. Today, I am asking God to teach me thankfulness for both.

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