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Today I am aware of the ways and times I move in the wrong direction. Usually they feel small, passing things that I’d hoped to avoid.

But last week as we began to prepare for Easter by mourning our daily rejection of it, a word came to mind: severe. My brokenness is severe.  The things that seem small simply are not. I cannot get them back, or undo what I’ve done.

This time of year, I try to get my eyes to look at the ways and times I figure I know better than God. It can be tragic and hard to face up to, but it always leads me to Jesus. Seriously, the one who fully trusted God; though God lead him to painful and humiliating death, Jesus did not doubt that God has his best interest at heart.

I’m so glad for Jesus’ faithfulness. It fixes what I could not, and I’m glad for this time of year that leads me to mourn. Cause it’s when I mourn that I recognize my salvation.


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