I know it’s sort of a controversial practice and can be polarizing. People seem to have strong opinions and some folks think is rude and inconsiderate. I’ve even see it cause fights. But I can’t help it…I’ve got to say it…

I’m learning to enjoy group texting.

It’s become a convenient way to have funny and sometimes heartfelt conversations going throughout the day. One popped up on my phone today regarding the readings designated for today in the Anglican 1928 Book of Common Prayer. It reminded me of a couple things: 1 I like my friends (seriously, the dude is reading the BCP). 2 I like the BCP. 3 I like Ash Wednesday. IMG_1126

I know I said that the other day, but I wanted to say it again. This time for another reason. And that is this: It reminds me of what it means to live under the reign of God. See, Lent was not my choice. Neither is it specifically outlined in the scriptures.

That forces me to remember that Christianity is a tribe of people who live empowered by the Spirit of God according to the teachings of Jesus. That tribe has existed for thousands of years and has learned ways to keep those teachings alive. As I kick off Lent with Ash Wednesday tonight, I join in with that tribe and remember that man who inaugurated his reign with his death on my behalf.


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