Lately, I’ve found myself talking lots about action.
See, true belief is betrayed by action. Show me your actions and I’ll tell you what you believe.

But I realized this afternoon there’s a parallel message running in my brain that’s just as helpful,
“do what you can. Neither God, nor the people around you, need you to kill yourself to help them.”
This is the beauty of this king, and his kingdom. He’s not kidding around when he says the goal is to get you into the life you were made for. This King is not interested in passing out edicts filled with a lot of rules for you to obey or tasks for you to fulfill. The King is not in the business of being just one more thing you have to do, or one more person to please. He deals in motivations and perspectives, deeper than tasks and more liberating. He invites you to live at the same time for yourself and others.

But life in the kingdom is not meant as a burden.
When it begins to feel like that is when the counter message runs in my head,
“Woa, Ben I’ll do it. Not you.”

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